Private Placements

Attorney Sean Sweeney with the Securities Lawyers is looking into potential claims regarding FIrst FInancial Equity Corporation. First Financial Equity Corporation is an independent broker dealer based out of Scottsdale, Arizona. According to public records the company signed a waiver and consent on March 08, 2017 regarding allegations from FINRA that it failed to supervise its accounts.

Specifically FINRA alleged that the firm had no written supervisory procedures (“WSPs”) pertaining to the supervision, approval and sale of Exchage Traded Funds, inadequate WSPs regarding reasonable basis suitability, and the WSPs that were in place were not enforced, “WSPs that were not enforced included procedures pertaining to discretionary accounts, excessive trading/churning reviews, and the requirement that the Firm’s WSPs detail its actual processes and procedures.” According to FINRA’s Broker Check, the firm has been sanctioned several times before.

If you were a client of First Financial Equity Corporation and lost money in your account, we are interested in discussing a potential claim with you. Attorney Sweeney and the other Securities Lawyers at Halling & Cayo have recovered millions of dollars for investors across the country.

The market has gained an average of more than 7% returns over the last 5 years and yet some investors, put into overly risking trading strategies, despite promises of guaranteed returns, have lost significant sums. Halling & Cayo S.C. is researching bringing claims on behalf of individual(s) and/or a group of investors for recovery of their funds. Most customers will have signed a FINRA arbitration agreement to resolve disputes, including claims for reimbursement of these types of investment losses. As the SEC reminds investors, it can be important to find an attorney that “specializes in resolving securities complaints.”

If you were a customer of First Financial Equity Corporation and suffered investment losses, please contact Attorney Sean M. Sweeney at 414-755-5020 or

B.C. Ziegler Sanctioned for Unfair Sales Presentation with Church bonds

B.C. Ziegler, a Wisconsin Broker-Dealer headquartered in Chicago, was recently sanctioned for violating several Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (“FINRA”), National Association of Securities Dealers (“NASD”), and Municipal Securities Rulemaking Board (“MSRB”) rules. The allegations all related to the sale of various Church Bonds and Senior Living Bonds without providing a fair and balanced sales presentation. […]

What to Expect in a FINRA Arbitration – Filing a Claim

Rather than a summons and complaint, a claimant files what is known as a “Statement of Claims” to initiate an action for a FINRA Arbitration. While there are no specific rules of pleadings, the FINRA Rule states only that a statement of claims “specif[ies] the relevant facts and remedies requested,” it can be the most […]

Source Capital Group, Inc. sanctioned for misrepresentations

The Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (“FINRA”) found that Source Capital Group, Inc. made material misrepresentations in its sale of two different private offerings of oil and gas securities: Blue Ridge Securities and Argyle Securities. Source Capital Group, Inc. was the sole seller of these private offerings. The violations included paying commissions to brokers that sold […]

Advertising now allowed for some private placements

There are a number of investments generally known as private placements, or regulation D investments, that are sold to investors by broker-dealers. These securities are unregistered, meaning they do not have to meet the stringent disclosure requirements of a public offering nor are they typically traded on any secondary market (like the stock market). Typically […]

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